Climbing to the Top!


Are the trees on  your property hanging low, getting in the way, or creating a hazard? Have them safely trimmed to keep property safe, and to keep the tree healthy.

Whether you just want to clean up land for appearance sake or you are planning on building or creating landscaping, you can rely on our pros for a quick, thorough job.

RTS Service is there for you no matter what your service needs are. Whether your trees need trimed, removed or you just need advise, we are here to help. Avoid injury by letting us do it safely for you.

Locally owned and operated by Ryan Stickelman offering quality service

Get unruly trees trimmed

Remove trees to help clear your land

Let us help you with all of your tree service needs


Trim or remove that pesky tree

Enjoy professional work at an affordable rate for your property

A man trimming a bush homecolumn1 A tree stump being removed with a chainsaw